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Claims Adjusters

We understand the many tasks Insurance claims adjusters must complete during the claims process and we are here to help. Our team will quickly locate temporary housing for a displaced policy owner and provide efficiencies in the claims process that will help you complete all tasks required to close the claim.

Save time using our Claims Portal...

Manage Claims

Submit, track, and manage claims from your desktop or mobile device.  Review and approve housing requests or extension requests and access invoices for payment.

Manage Claims Online

Access all claim data from any desktop or mobile device, and view real-time progress on your claims.

View Notes

View time-stamped claim notes detailing every interaction your policyholder has with our team, and add notes directly into our internal system, to be viewed by all TA employees.

View Placements

Access tools to view the locations of policyholders address of loss, temporary hotel, and long-term property options. 

Team Claim Access

Safely share access to your claim data with teammates. Managers can be given access to all claim data for their team’s housing claims.

Communicate with policyholders

Communicate with the policyholder in a customized way with memos and notifications. 

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