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OUR MISSION: To serve all stakeholders during
the insurance Claims process

Emergency Insurance Housing’s Story

Emergency Insurance Housing is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Our company was founded by Insurance industry professionals who understand every phase of the insurance claims process. Our mission is to serve all stakeholders of the insurance claims process (policyholders, insurance adjusters, restoration companies and accommodation providers). We create efficiencies during the claims process by locating temporary housing and providing a web-based portal for stakeholder collaboration. The collaboration portal enables fast & efficient communication between stakeholders which is proven to reduce expenses and shorten the process time.

Policyholders: Our team provides displaced policyholders with fast service locating short and long term accommodations. We provide a full and complete range of housing options to accommodate each housing request.

Insurance adjusters: We collaborate with claims adjusters to reduce time and expenses of a claim.

Restoration companies: We contact vetted restoration services and coordinate damage repair and oversee accountability during the claims process.

Accommodation providers: We locate local vetted housing providers and coordinate the reservation and billing process.

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